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re: ticketmaster a.k.a. satan [and the cool satan that we all like to party with]

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I think ticketmaster is the devil and that is really what it comes down to. There’ s more to be said though for this evil corporation. Think about it, they are just as bad as the recorded execs. It’s a bunch of assholes that have nothing whatsoever to do with the muzik, the art that is being created. In no way do they participate in the creative process nor do they care about it or the end result, as long as it is something they can sell and use to take our hard earned money away from us. They saw an opportunity to become the middleman between concert venues and concert goers and charge ridiculous amounts of money in the name of the unholy service charge. For fuck’s sake, the last handful of tickets I’ve been forced to buy from ticketmaster I’ve been charged $2.50 per ticket for it to be e-mailed to me. Ummm, wasn’t that the fucking point of e-mail, it was fast, and it didn’t cost money like normal mail. Fucking bullshit right. Let’s not forget about Family Values ’07 (and I would bet ’06) when my friends and I got charged more in service charges than we did in ticket prices. They even included parking in the service charge for each ticket…what the fuck! we carpooled to that concert but we all got charged like we going to have our own car there.

As much as I hate Slim’s and the Catalyst for the disgusting way their security treat concert attendees (btw, yes, I hope all of their security die and rot cause they are either part of the problem, or allowing the problem to continue, but that’s another discussion) , I admire the fact that I can buy tickets directly from those venues and be charged only $1.00-$2.50 for service charges. In fact, the same holds true for their website and you know what that means, that obviously ticketmaster isn’t charging us for the maintenance on their website, because if those little website can charge that little for service charges, than the evil ticketmaster obviously doesn’t need to either.

I don’t know if there’s much left to say.
Fuck ticketmaster
Fuck ridiculous service charges
Whenever you can, buy from the band or from the venue directly
Bypass the middleman and make sure to kick him in the shins whenever you have the chance

Remember kids, the music industry is dead!
The Revolution is here !
We’re it, so either live it, or get the fuck outta the way and don’t make any trouble


Isis – 10 Year Anniversary Show Review

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Isis 10th Anniversary Show
Slim’s, San Francisco
November 18, 2007

Isis was goddamn amazing. We got there late, and as we were in line waiting for our will call tickets I saw a sign that said Sold Out. I was pretty stoked. I knew it meant the club would be packed full but I was excited knowing that Isis was going to be playing to a sold out crowd at the 10th Anniversary show that I got to attend. Sold out shows can only mean good energy from the band because the crowed has so much to offer. Once we got in there was virtually nowhere to stand, but we found our way. I believe it was Big Business who was playing when we entered, but there was a guitarist on stage with them and as far as I have been able to tell, Big Business is just bass, drums, and vocals. Doesn’t mean someone couldn’t have been guesting with them though.

After their set they broke all their equipment down and things started to get set up for Isis. Other than the guitarist/singer Aaron I wasn’t sure what anyone in Isis looked like, but I recognized him out there tuning guitars and setting things up. I imagined that some of the other guys on stage must’ve belonged to the band as well which I later found out to be true. I find it interesting when bands do their own sound checks or set up their own equipment. I’ve always equated that with being more down to earth, and being less of the rockstar asshole type, not that this is really a be all end all way to judge any of this.

So after a short bit of set up and waiting the members of Isis emerged onto the stage and took their instruments. And then bam! Everything hit. It was an immediate assault of both guitars, the bass, keys, and drums with that signature Isis sound. Even if you hadn’t know what show you were at, from that sound alone it was completely obvious. Very quickly into the first song Aaron came with vocals, screaming into the mic. It was amazing watching this tall, slender guy open his jaw so wide and produce those monstrous screams that are another part of Isis’s signature sound. With each vocalization you could see his neck strain, everything popping out.

Isis proceeded to plow through their set. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the set list is, nor the names of really any of their songs despite what a fan I am, but they played a well rounded set with songs from all of their albums, and performed them with such intensity. It is amazing to watch Isis perform because they all move around so much, writhing along with the muzik and moving about as if their bodies are nearly extensions of their instruments. Towards the end of their set they sank into a long drawn out breakdown section (I believe they were playing Weight) and two other people stepped out onto stage, one guy and one girl. My friends and I think they were probably from the first opening band but we haven’t confirmed that. Those two quickly donned guitars though and joined in with Isis. Then the girl started to do vocals as well. I was so excited at hearing Isis’s muzik being overlayed with female vocals, what a beautiful thing. At first her vocals were someone difficult to here, but I think the sound guy fixed the eq on her mic fairly quickly. After the finish of that song the band walked off stage but the lights remained dim and no one started to remove equipment so it was only going to be a matter of time before they came back out. Everyone started chanting “Isis, Isis, Isis” and it was so powerful, this small sold out club screaming for this band louder and more organized than I can ever remember hearing a crowd call out for a band to return. They came back out and played two more songs before finally ending the show, and goddamn, they were just absolutely amazing. If you missed the Isis 10 Year Anniversary show, then you missed something special. Make sure to catch them next time.

an important day in muzik history

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today nine inch nail’s Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D was released (which i plan to review soon).  i just picked up my copy (overly priced making me feel bad for not heeding trent’s advice to start stealing his muzik if it’s overpriced to send a message to the fucking record industry).  anyways, as i was holding the cd in my hand i could just feel the power of it and what it represents.  the very last thing trent ever has to release on a major label, or a label at all for that manner.  the man is a free agent, pissed off beyond belief at the industry, and ready to fucking go.  im excited to see what happens.

just remember kids…the record industry is dead!  the revolution is here!  live it!


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…only 360 days late