slightly stoopid show review

[posted a few days late]

My face is bruised…there’s a bit of blood around my eyebrow ring…my lip is split open…my back is wrenched…and it all feels so fucking beautiful.

            At about 6 pm yesterday my friend calls me up and says hey, what are you doing tonight.  I tell him I’m working till 7:30.  he say’s I’m coming up to Santa Cruz to see Slightly Stoopid.  I got extra tickets, wanna go.  I say hell yes, really, how am I going to turn that down ya know.  So 2 hours pass and I’m surrounded by some of my favorite people from home that I barely get to see and we are in the Catalyst. 

            I never caught their name during the show, but it was Capital Eye that was opening.  They were pretty cool, nothing amazing or mind blowing though, and nothing I hadn’t heard before.  Still fun though.  The two guitarists and bassist were pretty metal head looking, hair hanging in their faces.  The drummer seemed to be more in the rock influence of things too and I must say, that dude tore it up pretty damn well.  Then there was the DJ and the singer who was rapping more than singing.  They were basically a blend of KMK and bad Cypress Hill (not saying they were bad, but it’s fucking hard to be as good as Cypress Hill – if you don’t believe me, go see ‘em live, and make sure to take numerous blunts). 

            Flat out review – totally fun live, wouldn’t by their album, but, if you’re into hip-hop blended with heavy guitars and shit like that, if that’s your sound give ‘em a spin, see what ya think.

            Next up was Fishbone.  Now I’d heard of these guys before, but never anything other than hearing their name.  Didn’t know shit about ‘em otherwise, and I have to see – OHMIFUCKIN’GOD they were goddamn amazing.  Those guys had so much energy and their singer, Angelo was just fucking insane (and he played a fucking theremin now and then, badass!).  The first thing that caught me with them was the bass playing.  John started the show with a fretless five string and eventually moved to a fretted five string.  His grooves were great, as well as his slap and pop style.  Throughout their set I became more and more impressed with how often other band members would be doing vocals, as well as the trumpet and trombone player would be switching around to be playing a guitar or keyboards or whatever here and there to add more to the flavor.

            They did an excellent job of keeping their set extremely eclectic too, going from reggae jams, to funkier shit, to straight up punk metal shit that got the pit going.  And let me tell you, that pit, absolutely perfect.  The blend of skanking and slamming was amazing, no one was acting like a dick, and everyone got along.  Shoes got picked up, people got picked up, and no one pulled any stupid shit.  We all just ran around and did our thing and I kept getting drawn back into it over and over again.  The guys in the band did a lot of stage diving too, especially Angelo.  At some point he dived in and surfed way out into the crowd, got all the way over to the right side of the crowd, and started grabbing onto piping or something to pull himself up to stand on the outer edge of the balcony.  So at this point he is standing on the wrong side of the balcony, swaying above the crowd and singing with one security guard up there holding onto his wrists.  Eventually he starts to look as if he is preparing to dive into the crowd and crowd starts to get ready to catch him.  However, the security guards rush him and now there are 3 or 4 or them pulling at his arms, trying to drag him over to the other side of the balcony.  My friends and I were basically right under him this the whole time, so we were part of a massive group of people screaming lengthy strings of profanity at the guards, along with me nailing one of them right in the face with a pen I threw at him.  Eventually they got him over the balcony though and he ended up back on stage.  Watching the whole thing was like watching when they through people out of shows but the people go all limp and dead weight making it difficult, this of course was better though cause of course they can’t through the singer out.  Bravo to the Catalyst security though, for once you didn’t beat down someone in a band unlike the Against Me show and the Aquabats show (and yes, that does mean your sins will not be forgotten).  After all the commotion the show continued without a hitch and was just fucking amazing.

            Then it was time for Slightly Stoopid, who just like Fishbone, were fucking amazing.  They  had great energy and played a great eclectic set ranging from ska, to reggae, to punk shit, to blending it up back and forth.  Watching those guys play I was so amazed with their musicianship and their stage presence.  The whole time you could see on their faces how happy they were to be up on stage playing for a huge crowd, and that happiness translated through their fingers into the instruments.  It amazes me the sounds that they could get out the guitar, all these weird little tones here and there just to add flavor to the song.

            Something that was so cool in their set was every couple of songs the singer and the bassist would walk across the stage and hand their instrument off to each other and switch it up, along with switching the vocals duties.  Whenever the bassist was singing too, he would light up a joint, puff, puff, and then pass it into the crowd.  He had to have done this at least 5 or 6 times too.  What a fucking crowd pleaser.  Dude stage dived and crowd surfed a lot as well which is always fun.  A lot of surfing going on with the crowd members as well. 

            Then, to end their set Slightly Stoopid jammed out on one of their songs for at least 15 minutes, if not more, with pretty much everyone from Fishbone slowing coming out and a big mish mash of handed the bass off to this person then that person, this guy taking the guitar, this guy singing, someone else switching onto keyboards, almost everybody switched off to every other instrument throughout the jam, fucking dope!

Great show
Great bands
Great energy
Great crowd




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