maynard/tool stuff

here’s a link to an interview with maynard regarding puscifer stuff and what not, fairly interesting

also, apparently at the last date of the 10,000 days tour (a few nights ago) maynard announced that would be the end of the touring cycle for 10,000 days…hopefully that means they start working on something new soon, but i dunno, tool released one album while i was in highschool and then another one didn’t come out till i was in college so i’m expecting that for another one to come out i need to be in graduate school, for which ill gladly accept donations to get there faster from any wealthy tool fans =P.

ummmm…and here’s a very short clip of the intro of them doing holiday in cambodia in SF. it sucks cause it’s way too short, you don’t even get really any of jello, but the full clip that’s out there isn’t even worth listening to
PS – to all you holier than thou tool fan muther fuckers – i most at tool shows and im not a fucking meathead or knucklehead so fuck ya’ll!  you don’t like the pit, get the fuck out and move to the side, welcome to rock music


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