new mindless self indulgence album?

word is MSI has a new album coming out in april (the 29th maybe) called IF
looks like animal might be on it, wooohooo!!
seems his fiance, the girl from Morningwood may be doing guest vocals
Jhonen Vasquez appears to be doing the cover art
and rumors of an animal video?  tho i don’t really care if MSI makes videos that much…maybe this will change that


3 Responses to “new mindless self indulgence album?”

  1. Can’t wait!!

  2. So are you saying that Jhonen Vasquez has done the art for MSI…That’s Effing amazing…my two favorite things put together! Facking Awesome!!!

  3. yeah, he did the video for shut me up too, though it wasn’t very jhonen in any typical manner, at least in my opinion

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