sad news…[and then other news]

vocalist Eric Victorino has left Strata
he wrote this on his myspace page
another amazing bay area band takes the fall…
hopefully some new bands arise from the ashes of this…

with that said…there guitarist, Ryan Hernandez, has some solo pieces up on his myspace page

Saul Williams also just released a video for his cover of Sunday Bloody Sunday
that can be found here so go enjoy that

Everyone one’s favorite multi instrumentalist Rob Kleiner (of Tub Ring fame) has been secretly working on this for the last 8 months. give it a listen.


3 Responses to “sad news…[and then other news]”

  1. ethertrace Says:

    Dude, I totally didn’t realize they were the same person. Did you know that Saul Williams is coming to the Kinetic Poetics Project in February at the University?

  2. yeah, your sister mentioned that to me. i should ask her if shes got any more details on that cause i totally wanna check him out

  3. 😦 sad for strata. I don’t have any more details. I just heard about it. I think from Madison…. maybe.

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