Hit of the Search Party – Every Time I Die

so i haven’t spent any massive amount of time exploring the lyrics of Every Time I Die, however i spent a bit of time listening to them last fall when i justed wanted to throw on aggressive muzik…one of their songs really stood out with me…i remember hearing when we find you – we’ll skin you alive! we’ll pluck out your eyes and i thought to myself…wow, this is fucking great…what is this song? so i checked the title of it, Hit of the Search Party (such a perfect title i must say) off of their Hot Damn! album. knowing that i got online and got deeper into it, exploring the lyrics and i was not disappointed

to me, the song seems to be telling the story of an individual (who may or may not have a small crew with him) entering into a town and presumably having sex with a town resident. he picks the wrong resident to get it on with though because that person’s dad…or maybe the mayor, or someone with power decides that they need to get this outside and make an extreme example out of him.

the song starts off from the perspective of the dad/mayor figure making a call to arms to all the other residents around him, sort of reminiscent of an angry mob storming someone’s residence with torches and pitchforks. Keith Buckley (ETID’ singer) manages to put one of my favorite lines every into this dad/mayor figures voice which shows how blindly this town follows this figure, essentially making them all out to be fools [you can’t out think us – we’ve been out of thought for a while]. beyond the call to arms, the dad/mayor speaks of what the will do to this individual when he is caught and how they will make an example out of him..

then the song shifts gears to be from the intruders point of view as he is trying to make his escape and knows they are after him…it’s possible he knows he thinks he won’t make it out…that’s debatable.

other thoughts? anyone….?

No man abandon his post. A gatecrasher has called us to arms. Take up your torch.
I want this ship cleaner than a hospital ward. A radical has polluted our ranks.
Slouch into position men, this is a war. Set the traps.
We’ll have that criminal’s head marched through the streets on a stick.
Someone will pay for this.
We’ll squeeze his goddamn brains out.
Sleep with one knife open. You can’t outthink us, we’ve been out of thoughts for a while.
The warrior with the deadliest weapon is the one without an instruction manual for his gun.
This is a union of dunces and we are the new global menace.
Stalking the land, gnashing dull teeth, tapping our feet, sighing and humming and watching the clock.
That’s what you get for fucking with us.
When we find you we will skin you alive, we’ll pluck out your eyes
and the cannons will roar as we march to the capitol, dragging your hide.
Drooling polished jackboot monsters, tracking the scent of a sleeping child.
Your composure gave you away, next time it’s best to cry havoc.
Keep marching, the bridge is ours.

They’re coming to get me. They’re coming to take me away.
I’ll never make love in this town again. Everyone on the dance floor is doomed. Hit the ground. Shut your mouth.
The prisoners have laid waste to the pulpit. You’re in for it now. Are these helicopters for me?
Have I been appointed to speak? Then I’m going to Hell, and I’m taking the renaissance with me.


2 Responses to “Hit of the Search Party – Every Time I Die”

  1. Corny as this is, upon reading your interpretation, then the lyrics, and then your interpretation again, the mob scene from Beauty and the Beast comes to mind very clearly.

  2. hahaha
    you know what the best part of you saying that is?
    i went back and forth in my head at least 5 or 6 times thinking of including that in this analysis before i decided upon not doing it. i think it’s possible it came up as an idea for both of us cause that is a pivotal mobscene in one of the movies a lot of our generation saw…i myself am also a huge fan

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