Serj Tour Dates and other news

Serj Tankian of System of a Down (like you didn’t know that) has released some new tour dates
enjoy (anyone know anything about Fair to Midland?)

March 08th San Francisco, CA -Warfield Theatre (feat. Fair To Midland)
March 10th Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre (feat. Fair To Midland)
March 11th Seattle, WA – Showbox SoDo (feat. Fair To Midland)
March 15th Calgary, AB – MacEwan Hall (feat. Fair To Midland)
March 16th Edmonton, AB – Edmonton Event Center (feat. Fair To Midland)
March 19th Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue (feat. Fair To Midland)
March 21st Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre (feat. Fair To Midland)
April 01st Glasgow, UK – ABC
April 02nd Liverpool, UK – Carling Academy
April 03rd London, UK – Forum
April 06th Birmingham, UK – Carling Academy
April 08th Hamburg, GER – Docks
April 09th Copenhagen, DEN – Amager Bio
April 10th Berlin, GER – Columbiahalle
April 13th Vienna, AUT – Gasometer
April 14th Filderstadt, GER – Filharmonie
April 15th Zurich, GER – Volkshaus
April 18th Strasbourg, FRA – Artefacts
April 19th Bourges, FRA – Palais d’Oron
April 20th Lille, FRA – Artificiels
April 22nd Milano, ITA – Alcatraz

Dope has also signed a deal with Koch Records to release their new album No Regrets on June 10th which will feature some guest guitar work by Zakk Wylde

and you can find an interview with Billy Howerdel (of A Perfect Circle fame) regarding his newest project, Ashes Divide’s new album Keep Telling Myself It’s Alright here (and i have to agree with the dumbass at who wrote the interview – he says the previously Maynard has said APC is done with in his eyes, but Billy says diffrently – up until this point Billy has said that it was probably done except for a few songs here and there, whereas Maynard posted on the APC website a while back claiming quite the opposite….really though…who would trust without checking the facts first though)


4 Responses to “Serj Tour Dates and other news”

  1. The band Serj is touring with from march 8-21 is awesome!
    Fair to midland and serj will make for a powerfully good show. Fair to midland has been using a kyte video blog with cool behind the scenes and music footage, check it out on their myspace.

  2. Need…Detroit…Concert….Must have must see Serj at home. This son of a bitch is fucking awsome obviously…..fair to midland is a great band ive heard them locally a few times if you want you can youtube them and get most of their better stuff, enjoy.

  3. dude serj, you should come to like dallas texas or fort worth. that’d be cool i come and see you. you music is pretty much all i listen to.
    so yeh come to fort worth or dallas texas so i can see you

  4. hate to break it to you man, but i’m not serj, just some guy who likes music. thanks for reading though

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