12 Angry Months & Coughing Up Blood

so i’m still sick and dying…and now coughing up blood but it’s alright cause i’ve got a drs appointment today and…….i finally get to make the post ive been waiting to make on this site since the whole idea was first conceived

MAY 13, 2008

fuck yes!!!!!!

track listing, info about the album’s concept, and various other tidbits from the band after the break


Los Angeles, CA – Alternative rock mainstays Local H return with their seventh album on May 13, titled 12 Angry Months. The band’s debut on Shout! Factory, 12 Angry Months is Local H’s first new studio album since 2004’s Whatever Happened To P.J. Soles?

Written after the bitter end of a long-term relationship, the album chronicles a full year of post-breakup experiences. Each track on 12 Angry Months corresponds to a month, and deals with the range of emotions one encounters after love turns sour. Those emotions range from anger (“so, baby could you do me a favor? fall of the earth and i’ll see you later”), to jealousy (“this is crazy, I can’t believe that you replaced me”), to acceptance (“you knew we’d never make it anyway”).

Highly regarded for their powerful sound and unique two-man lineup with Scott Lucas on vocals and guitar and Brian St. Clair on drums, Local H is known for derisive lyrics, heavy guitars and feedback, energetic live shows, and an active relationship with their fans. The band performs regularly, and will be on tour nationally in 2008.

Local H 12 Angry Months
Distributed by Sony BMG
Release Date: May 13, 2008
Selection No.: 826663-10858

Track Listing:
1. JANUARY : the one with ‘kid’
2. FEBRUARY : michelle (again)
3. MARCH : bmw man
4. APRIL : white belt boys
5. MAY : the summer of boats
6. JUNE : taxi-cabs
7. JULY : 24 hour break-up session
8. AUGUST : jesus christ? did you see the SIZE of that sperm whale?
9. SEPTEMBER : simple pleas
10. OCTOBER : machine shed wrestling
11. NOVEMBER : blur
12. DECEMBER : hand to mouth


3 Responses to “12 Angry Months & Coughing Up Blood”

  1. can’t wait. good news. maybe they’ll be in town when i’m there. that’d be super. get well soon.

  2. Can’t fucking wait. Just found out they are actually coming to Winnipeg. Two and a half months until I finally see the H live.

  3. yeah, they’re coming to san francisco for the first time in fucking days and i’m finally 21 so this time i can get in, fucking stoked. my friend who really brought H around to all of us is even coming down from two states away just to go with all the hometown crew. fucking stoked!

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