Rockstar Mayhem Tour

official word:

Main Stage:

Second Stage #1:
Five Finger Death Punch
36 Crazyfists
“Jagermeister Battle Of The Bands Winner”

Second Stage #2:
Machine Head
Black Tide
Suicide Silence
The Red Chord
Walls of Jericho

rumors are swirling as to what this means about the future of Ozzfest and other summer festival shows…
according to the glorious asshole Dave Mustaine Sounds of the Underground will not happen this summer but as far as i know he’s not even involved in that tour, so even though i get the feeling he’s right, it’s weird that he’s speaking about something he has nothing to do with…

the tour will start July 9th in Seattle and run through August…no word on other dates yet, but that info will be out soon enough


2 Responses to “Rockstar Mayhem Tour”

  1. Josiah (Medford) Says:

    There bus just stoped at the Les Schwab next too my work… If there going to get to Sac they seem to be runing behind….

    Josiah Thone (Medford, OR)

  2. then they’ll just have to party later into the night…or maybe the opening bands are ahead of them in their little vans.

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