Eric Victorino (ex-Strata) – Coma Therapy

so sometime back the now former singer of Campbell California’s own Strata put out an amazing book of poetry called Coma Therapy (which i have read and keep meaning to post a review of). anywho, i guess copies of the book are starting to run low and he is focusing his energy on a new book and will not be repressing Coma Therapy in foreseeable future which means get it now or possible never. don’t sleep on this shit, and don’t let that it’s a book of poetry scare you cause what scares you about poetry, this is not it

you can order the book here
you can check some of his poems out here (check the blog entires)
or if you’re interested but too poor to buy the book you can download an full audiobook of all the poem’s here

now go support some local underground art!


11 Responses to “Eric Victorino (ex-Strata) – Coma Therapy”

  1. I just saw your comments on ModBlog. You’re a jerk, you know that? 😛

    Love you.

  2. yeah, it happens

  3. I caved and bought the book even though I can’t afford it.

  4. itll be well worth it. just try and find some hungry kid and be like, ill give you 20 flexi dollars for 15 real ones

  5. lol. I have no flexis left.

  6. hmmm, steal hamburgers from the dining hall and sell them?

  7. lol. THAT will be a great career.

  8. thanks for the support, i appreciate it.


  9. most of the time i listen to audiobooks while surfing the net, i love to multitask he he “”

  10. *;* that seems to be a great topic, i really love it ,”:

  11. Therapist over the phone…

    […]Eric Victorino (ex-Strata) – Coma Therapy « the testing ground[…]…

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