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the seed.

Posted in reflections on March 6, 2008 by sae

look, i’m sorry, but you just aren’t a band anymore when you release an album in 4 different formats right off the bat and offer special material only to those who shell out 4 times the cost of a single CD to get your special deluxe package that just repeats the same shit over and over again…i love you guys, but you aren’t a band, you’re just a fucking business now because you are rewarding your fan base based off of their financial capability

[more on this later…maybe]

(and don’t get confused, this isn’t about NIN releasing Ghosts I-IV in various formats, all those various formats come with interesting and new material…this is about bands that force you to buy their album again and again just to get that one bonus track, or that dvd with some behind the scenes footage, or to get that special vinyl single it now comes with)


Holy Fuckin Shit *New NIN*

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that’s right
new NIN
Ghosts I-IV
2 cds worth of instrumentals
download the first 9 for free
or grab the whole thing for $5 for the download
$10 for the cd and download
etc etc for bigger and better special additions
major fucking respect to anyone who wants to donate me $300 for the ultra deluxe version

go here


News/Mosh Pits

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in quick news – looking through the Puscifer website i noticed that there are 7″ singles coming out for DoZo and Queen B, both featuring reimxes by Lustmord

also, Aaron Turner of Isis reports that he recently turned a remix of Trekka into Maynard for some future EP.


and now for some personal thoughts…
now maybe it’s because i’ve been in college for too long now, or maybe it’s been my desire to establish some sort of culture identicifcaion for myself that moves beyond the color of my skin, but mosh pits are something i’ve started to analyze a lot in the past year or so…maybe more

my friends and i were all sitting around one night drinking copious amounts of wine when i posed the question – does anyone have any idea what compelled us all right around the end of 8th grade to need to go to shows and throw ourselves into pits? i mean, i know i love it, but honestly, what the hell compelled us to do that?

jamie, ethertrace, delivered my favorite answer. though i don’t remember his exact words, the idea was that we all started to realize that there was something wrong with the world and the way things had been taught to us. that something was seriously fucked up even if we didn’t know exactly what it was.

now, i’m a heavy body modification enthusiast. with this comes a lot of interest in body ritual, such as suspension, play piercing, and many other things. i remember being a young child and learning about suspensions that native american tribes participated in, such as the O-Kee-Pa Suspension. i also remember thinking how happy i was because i wasn’t part of a culture that had such painful rites of passage and wondering what would possess someone to do such a thing.

…i like to examine my own culture and life as if it was being examined by people in the future, putting it back together. or just by cultures that are completely different than ours, and quite possibly completely ignorant of ours. i like to think that people might one day view the mosh pits all of my friends and i creat as our reaction to the muzik of our culture similar to dances other cultures have done to bring rain or good weather for this years crops. they are dance of hope. the dances we do i feel are of hope, as well as purging our anger and hate. it’s our way of creating a space where pain and violence (to some extent) are acceptable for at least a moment because that space doesn’t exist any open public sphere of our society today. i think the violence is needed in someway because in our culture violence is so fetishized and we are completely removed from it by law.

my fascination with pits continues with the history of pits, and how different styles of music, as well as different geographical locations have developed different styles of pitting. though pits are often pure chaos, anyone who denies that there is an extreme amount of order to them needs to reexamine what they think a pit is. circle pits always have the group of enforcers hanging around the edge to protect the rest of the crowd from the chaos. when someone crowd surfs there are always people holding them up and pushing them around. when someone stages dives the crowd knows to catch them. when someone falls down everyone knows to pick them up. and when the crowd starts to part down the middle, everyone but those into real pain know to get the hell out of the way of the wall of death.

i think i’ll end here before i ramble on too much, but here are some videos

Lamb of God Wall of Death Compilation
Sick of it All 4way Wall of Death
Another Sick of it All 4way Wall of Death
Laughable Yellowcard Wall of Death
Random hXc Dancing
Really crazy hXc Dancing at a Throwndown Show
DevilDriver 25,000 person Circle Pit (biggest ever?)