the seed.

look, i’m sorry, but you just aren’t a band anymore when you release an album in 4 different formats right off the bat and offer special material only to those who shell out 4 times the cost of a single CD to get your special deluxe package that just repeats the same shit over and over again…i love you guys, but you aren’t a band, you’re just a fucking business now because you are rewarding your fan base based off of their financial capability

[more on this later…maybe]

(and don’t get confused, this isn’t about NIN releasing Ghosts I-IV in various formats, all those various formats come with interesting and new material…this is about bands that force you to buy their album again and again just to get that one bonus track, or that dvd with some behind the scenes footage, or to get that special vinyl single it now comes with)


4 Responses to “the seed.”

  1. MSI?

  2. as well as others…though i actually got into a long debate with whoever runs the MSI myspace page and they made some valid points about their whole presale set up and this and that…but at the same time…they’ve really been overdoing it with their recent and current releases…i dunno, lots of food for thought going on

  3. Don’t apologize.

  4. I was planning on procrastinating by reading the post I was almost completely sure you would have made about why we should hate radiohead, but no such post exists. Now I have to get work done. Boooo.

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