checkin in and rambling

so wow it’s been sometime. no no no, this little project hasn’t been forgotten, i’ve just been caught up in so many other things in life lately. there’s also already a million people out there doing what i’m trying to do and doing it better, so i don’t really feel bad about dropping off the face of this project for a while…plus, this is just a testing ground – it’s still on the real thing.

now for the real babbling though, this entry isn’t going to be very coherent, but i’m just gonna take some time to ramble about what i’ve been listening to lately and other musical nonsense. unless you’re extremely bored, you should probably skip this.

i saw the Subhumans the other night. i won’t lie, i’ve never really listened to them before. i know who they are, but i never listened to them. walking to show was pretty funny. i was wearing my Tool hoodie and some dipshit punk kid yells at me “TOOL’S NOT PUNK.” no fucking shit genius, they should give you a fucking award for being able to point that one out. and beyond that, punk shows aren’t about proving you are punker than everyone else, they are about finally having our fucking night out and hopefully avoiding the cops. if you really wanna prove who’s punk though, grab a length of rope and let’s go hang out in logan park asshole. show was good though, Subhuman’s rocked it. there was this opening band La Pueble that was some spanish punk band. you could tell who all that watsonville kids were during their set. i liked it a lot.

the Ashes Divide cd came out last tuesday. i’m enjoying it. it’s not quite what i was hoping for, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or anything. i’ll digest it slowly though. doesn’t help that this comes out in the middle of me delving deep into a lot of hardcore.

i also picked up the Isis single for Holy Tears. the Melvins/Lustmord remix of Not in Rivers, But in Drops is so fucking amazing. i’m dying for more newer Isis remixes like this, and just, remixes of music like this by mixers like this. the live version of Holy Tears with Justin Chancellor (Tool) is fucking great too. QUESTION:: DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THE 12″ OF THIS IS OUT OR WHEN IT’S COMING OUT?!?!

Thrice’s Alchemy Index Volumes III & IV (Air & Earth) comes out tuesday. i’m excited, but not dying over it. i liked some songs of vols. I &II a lot, but i wasn’t in love with it all. however, i do think it’s a really interesting project so i wanna hear what this shit sounds like.

was listening to a lot of Death By Stereo for a while there. i fucking love those guys and i can’t wait for the next album and a touring schedule that takes them out of so cal. i know, i know, they came to SF with The Cult but fuck paying $40 to see DBS open for some band i don’t even really know (apparently The Cult is something cool though, i dunno).

also, been listening to a crazy fucking amount of American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost. i got a hold of their cover of Black Flag’s Depression and just couldn’t stop listening to it which led me to doing something i haven’t done in a long time – i went out and bought their cd with no idea anything about the songs on it, or what the band sounded like other than that one cover song. so yeah, picked up Year One and it’s absolutely mind blowing. the music is amazing and intense. Wes’ lyrics are so beautiful and he is the most frantic singer ever. i love it. i’m hoping to get a hold of their other cds when i can (and if you are some i love American Nightmare but Give Up The Ghost sucks and i’m so hardcore kid – don’t fucking leave me comments that everything after Year One sucks – grow up and see beyond your scene). with this i’m dying to get a hold of the S/T EP or Year One on vinyl. fuck yeah that would be tight.

all of this naturally led to me checking out XO Skeletons, who actually just put out a new cd that i love. the best i can describe it is it’s MSI meets Give Up The Ghost. all this hardcore craziness mixed with electronics and a lot of fucking fun. go check it out. you’ve got 8 bucks, support the band and by the new EP directly from the band, then dance around naked in your room with a beer or glass of wine and have a good fucking 20 minutes. go go go! (oh, and you can download their 7″ for free from their blog – just beware, when you open that shit, click get info on tracks 2 and 4 and change the volume to normal. for some reason when i downloaded them they were on full blast)

so yeah, i guess that’s about it.
i love vinyl
i’m really interested is wes eisold’s creative output
oh, and i think the world is ending


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  1. omg, FINALLY. lol. I check this every time I use my computer and I always get disappointed not seeing it updated.

    the guy yelling about tool is an idiot. seriously. I don’t understand what would even possess him to think that someone ELSE thought that. lol.

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