free music and other news

lots of stuff’s been going on lately.
the new Mindless Self Indulgence came out.
new Nine Inch Nails came out which is totally free, check out the NIN website.

what i want to talk about right now is Boy Kicks Girl. i plan to write more extensively about these guys in the future, but for those who don’t know they are a long defunct bay area punk band that existed from 1996-2000. in their time they made a lot of noise and music. the three member punk piece was straight forward, gritty, and really angry about their ex-girlfriends. now, i know, i know – you’re wondering what emo crap this is right? but it’s not. at the moment i can’t put my finger on how to explain what separates BKG from today’s music so you’re just going to have to trust me and go check them out.

getting to the point though, their lovely singer Kevin drummer Brett has recently posted both their albums up for free download, along with a few recorded live shows and all sorts of other demos, covers, and b-sides so head over to their the Boy Kicks Girl myspace page and check out their blog for details.

also, my favorite San Jose band The Albert Square recently threw one of their songs up for download on their myspace as well so give them a listen. they’re new, a lot of fun, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t hear their music and go to the shows, so check em out here.

oh, and on a final note, 12 Angry Months by Local H comes out tomorrow so go pick that shit up from your local record store, it’s been a long time coming for a new H record.


2 Responses to “free music and other news”

  1. Thanks for the Boy Kicks Girl. Just to clarify, the singer did not put up every BKG recording for free. It was the lovely drummer. Thanks!

  2. my mistake, thanks for clearing that up Brett

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