Official Ozzfest Word

so the rumors are true, Ozzfest this year is gonna be a one off day, in fuckin Dallas Texas.  so yeah, if you unfortunately stuck out in that hell hole this is a nice treat for you, just make sure to bring a lot of sun screen.  boy, are they gonna make a ton of money on water.

so it’s August 9th at the Pizza Hut Park (how fucking metal is that!) in Dallas Texas

here’s the lineup

Main Stage:
Ozzy Osbourne
Serj Tankian
Jonathan Davis of Korn (solo performance)
Cavalera Conspiracy
Shadows Fall
In This Moment
Pantera/‘Dimebag” Darrell Abbot Tribute
Second Stage:
Kingdom Of Sorrow
Soilent Green
Third Stage:
The Sword
Drowning Pool
Rigor Mortis


4 Responses to “Official Ozzfest Word”

  1. Solo performance? ¿porque?

  2. i havent seen any explanation to why the single date tour, tho i did read an interview with sharron osbourne that said next year would be a full on tour again

  3. Not the whole tour…. Johnathan Davis without his Korn. What’s up with that?

  4. oh, that. he’s been doing that off and on over the last year or two. he does some of his queen of the damned stuff, some korn stuff, some covers, and maybe some other original shit. he sells a solo cd to, but only at shows which is really weak cause id love to hear it

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