about ttg

this is simply the testing ground for something bigger to come.
the idea was to create a website revolving around the musical tastes of myself and my circle of friends.
we all have websites we check for music news, and we all have bands we love that aren’t featured on those sites.
the idea was to change that. i hate the excessive amount of crap on the internet, but this is a project that i felt could be accomplished and not just be redundant. we could offer something new, and something useful, if to no one else other than us.
beyond that there were/are more motivations behind this whole idea, but those motivations are for us.

i am not a writer
and this is only a testing ground

*current staff – 7.09*

*staff – 7.08*
-kayla (editor)

*staff – 12.16.07 – 7.08*

*initial staff – 11.19.07*

*one last note*
x-cell factor?
need information on either of these amazing bands that fell too soon?
want to get a hold of their music?
let me know…i’m your one stop shop for these guys


One Response to “about ttg”

  1. mrsblucher Says:

    to sae: hi – i’m looking for a copy or the aTelecine EP and you mentioned you have one. if you can part with it, let me know what you’d like for it (assuming you can pick up my email address in this post). thanks so much.. mrsb

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