buried treasure

muzik has changed drastically with the rapid technological advances that our society has seen. part of what has changed is the amount of muzik available

with anyone being able to record in their own home and then post their muzik online, the little pond that we used to fish in for our aural pleasures has grown into a vast ocean that sometimes seems threatening enough to swallow the listener whole

because of this so many amazing bands get slept on despite the fact that they are easily accessible to the listener. well these are the bands i’m telling you to make sure not to sleep on

don’t let these amazing artists pass you by because you never know when their timeline will end

The Coma Lilies
they come from Sonoma County, California and they fuck shit up. The Coma Lilies are amazing instrumental band primarily made up of two guitarists, a bassist, a seriously intense drummer, and a keyboardist. some people say their muzik fits into the psychedelic experimental genre. i just that their muzik is amazing and chances are you, need to hear it. you also need to see their live show, i can tell you from personal experience they output a ton of energy and the whole affair is a lot of fun

recommended listening:  Grab A Fork Micron


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