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Tool – Vicarious DVD Single

Posted in music video review with tags , , , on December 21, 2007 by sae

pretty cool.  picked it when it came out tuesday morning and i have been letting my mind wrap around it for a few days now.  i immediately loved the artwork.  i really enjoy how when it’s all pulled out, either side you look at is just one continuous image.  i really like the inside image too, of X-Spector or whatever they’re calling him.  reminds me of the piece Adam did for the re-release of Peach’s Giving Birth to a Stone, it’s so much better.  also immediately loved the stereoscopic images, spent a good chunk of tuesday checking them out (really wish they had some stills of the Net of Being/Alex Gray stuff though).

finally got a chance to watch the video later that night.  pretty rad to see Adam Jones translate his style into full CGI.  at the moment i still like his non-CGI style better, but i imagine with time his CGI directing will get even better.  really amazing to see the Alex Gray stuff in there, mind blowing really, to see all of that animated in 3D and traveled through.

documentary on the video was cool too.  i’ve seen a lot of people bitching about it, saying that it was more about Adam than it was about the video.  i get the feeling they didn’t watch past the first 10 minutes.  it starts by giving a background on Adam and how  he got where he is now, art production wise.  they talk to Chet Zar and a few other people who Adam has worked with about how they established their relationship.  this all leads up to the making of Vicarious really well and gives you a chance to see a bunch of awesome pictures of older works Adam did.  they show the Opiate cover statue as well as sketches and stuff for the Undertow Ribcage.  there’s also a great photo of Maynard being painted up by Alex Gray back when Maynard used to do crazy cool shit like that.  i feel the documentary does drag a bit with people being somewhat repetitive from time to time, but it’s not that bad. the remix music Lustmord put together for the documentary was pretty bad ass, it sneaks up on you really well.


on a different but related note.  getting this single prompted me to sit down with a friend of mine and show her all of the Tool videos cause she hadn’t seen any of them before.  with this i was pretty happy sitting there with my Vicarious, Schism, and Parabol/a singles and my copy of Salival.  and with all of this it hit me, i am really down with the idea of bands selling their videos as singles.  the way Tool does it it’s worth the $10 for the one video.  why?  because the videos are all super high quality and the packaging and artwork is all amazing. with that said though, in no way do i want to be  buying a video single for a video that’s just the band performing the video live – that is a fucking cop out and a waste of time – that is not fucking art.  but when they make the video worth your time, and worth your money, then i feel it could work as a great system.  only problem is you gotta be able to make great videos.