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Hit of the Search Party – Every Time I Die

Posted in song review with tags , , on January 20, 2008 by sae

so i haven’t spent any massive amount of time exploring the lyrics of Every Time I Die, however i spent a bit of time listening to them last fall when i justed wanted to throw on aggressive muzik…one of their songs really stood out with me…i remember hearing when we find you – we’ll skin you alive! we’ll pluck out your eyes and i thought to myself…wow, this is fucking great…what is this song? so i checked the title of it, Hit of the Search Party (such a perfect title i must say) off of their Hot Damn! album. knowing that i got online and got deeper into it, exploring the lyrics and i was not disappointed

to me, the song seems to be telling the story of an individual (who may or may not have a small crew with him) entering into a town and presumably having sex with a town resident. he picks the wrong resident to get it on with though because that person’s dad…or maybe the mayor, or someone with power decides that they need to get this outside and make an extreme example out of him.

the song starts off from the perspective of the dad/mayor figure making a call to arms to all the other residents around him, sort of reminiscent of an angry mob storming someone’s residence with torches and pitchforks. Keith Buckley (ETID’ singer) manages to put one of my favorite lines every into this dad/mayor figures voice which shows how blindly this town follows this figure, essentially making them all out to be fools [you can’t out think us – we’ve been out of thought for a while]. beyond the call to arms, the dad/mayor speaks of what the will do to this individual when he is caught and how they will make an example out of him..

then the song shifts gears to be from the intruders point of view as he is trying to make his escape and knows they are after him…it’s possible he knows he thinks he won’t make it out…that’s debatable.

other thoughts? anyone….?

No man abandon his post. A gatecrasher has called us to arms. Take up your torch.
I want this ship cleaner than a hospital ward. A radical has polluted our ranks.
Slouch into position men, this is a war. Set the traps.
We’ll have that criminal’s head marched through the streets on a stick.
Someone will pay for this.
We’ll squeeze his goddamn brains out.
Sleep with one knife open. You can’t outthink us, we’ve been out of thoughts for a while.
The warrior with the deadliest weapon is the one without an instruction manual for his gun.
This is a union of dunces and we are the new global menace.
Stalking the land, gnashing dull teeth, tapping our feet, sighing and humming and watching the clock.
That’s what you get for fucking with us.
When we find you we will skin you alive, we’ll pluck out your eyes
and the cannons will roar as we march to the capitol, dragging your hide.
Drooling polished jackboot monsters, tracking the scent of a sleeping child.
Your composure gave you away, next time it’s best to cry havoc.
Keep marching, the bridge is ours.

They’re coming to get me. They’re coming to take me away.
I’ll never make love in this town again. Everyone on the dance floor is doomed. Hit the ground. Shut your mouth.
The prisoners have laid waste to the pulpit. You’re in for it now. Are these helicopters for me?
Have I been appointed to speak? Then I’m going to Hell, and I’m taking the renaissance with me.


Wasted on the Young – Bane

Posted in song review with tags , , , on January 17, 2008 by sae

i once went backpacking somewhere in the sierras for ten days with a bunch of kids who i was about to start college with. me and one kid in particular spent a lot of time shootin the shit about music, bands we liked, lyrics we liked, stuff like that. i remember him telling me his favorite band was Bane and getting into some lyrics in particular that always helped him through tough times. i’ve always remembered this, i think because i was binging on Death by Stereo at that point and using the lyrics from Unstoppable to help me push myself through our trip and the rougher moments we had.

onto the point…Bane is playing a show near me in a few days that i won’t actually be attending (school commitments and what not), however, when i noticed this show i spent some time looking up stuff on Bane. browsing the wikipedia page the issue of Bane and straight edge values came up. it short it says the band has straight edge members and have written songs around the concept, but it’s by no means on the top of their agenda. then it goes on to mention a song called Wasted on the Young off of their most recent album The Note. the song is a critical critique of individuals who claim straight edge at a young age without having gone out to explore the world first.

i thought this was really amazing idea for a song, especially since it was coming from the lips of someone who is straight edge, as opposed to so many other straight edge bands out their who are preachy, or my personal favorite, militant straight edge gangs that violently attack those who don’t share their beliefs. i give there singer Aaron a lot of credit for penning these words too. i’m not at all involved with any edge scenes, but i would imagine a lot of people would want to give him shit for saying things like this, but he did it anyways and it’s a powerful message to be put out there. almost like if you were a church goer and you priest insisted you go try out other religions before you decided this one was for you.

beyond that, i think i’ll let the song speak for itself with its lyrics. anyone out there listen to Bane? thoughts on the song? share them, please.

Hey, I was just thinking that maybe you don’t need to waste
Some of the best days of your lives, trying so hard to abide
By some preset list of rules

Talking about conviction
When you haven’t even been convinced of anything yet
Just stressing about letting down all your friends
It’s like having your mom pick out your clothes for you
You’re still too young to know where you stand on anything yet
And there is nothing wrong with that

It might be kinda fun to get to know yourself a little while
Take a left at every fork, stare into every cloud

On the journey to find what’s in your heart the only thing to be united
with is that pulsing in your veins
But seriously, fuck all that for a while
What’s the point of being a kid
If you are not gonna run wild and break every stupid rule
Even the ones that make those bands seem cool
You might as well hang out at church
Mark my words
There’s still so much that you have yet to learn

Your strongest beliefs, the ones that will see you through
Will come to you when least expected
They can’t be forced, will not be shaped to fit

Truth does not come when called
And if you’re only young once and these days, they move fast
Why would you waste one second of them
Falling in line, following rules

It sounds so simple but I know it’s fucking hard

It’s gonna take a little while to find out exactly who you are
But then maybe the day won’t come
When you have to turn your back
On all those things that you once stood for
Left behind like some old pile of shirts
I’ve seen it happen so many times before
Spit in the face of a sacred oath
That some of us took when ready

mudvayne – (K)Now F(Orever)

Posted in song review with tags , , , on December 3, 2007 by sae

listen to (K)Now F(Orever) by mudvayne off LD 50 and pay attention to the drumming from 2:30-2:58 & 3:52-4:03