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Site Update

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I added some new links to the blogroll on the right hand side of the page, check em out.

The first is the blog B-Sides ‘R’ Us which contains downloads of a ton of music that you can’t buy.  Live bootlegs, leaked tracks, demos, out of print stuff and a ton of other rarities.  I recommend the sections for Thrice, Thursday, and The Mars Volta.

Then there is Issues Oriented.  A podcast by Ronen Kauffman that features interviews and a little bit of music ranging from punk to hardcore to indie to metal and beyond.  Make sure to give this podcast a listen.  Highlights are episodes 6 and 18 featuring the lovely Joanna Angel, as well as 19 with Efrem from Death By Stereo and 22 with Geoff Rickly from Thursday.

Finally, there is the fairly new blog Robotic Obscurites.  It’s run by the awesome people at Robotic Empire and features demos, b-sides and rarities from the bands they do releases for.  Never heard of Robotic Empire?  Go check them out here.  They sell countless amazing cds and record.  The best vinyl I find online I get from these guys.  Isis box set anyone?

That’s it for now.  I’ve got new songs of the week in progress as well as a very exciting interview.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, and one last thing.  Anyone else get the aTelecine EP aVigillant Carpark?  Thoughts on this strange art piece?


Calling all Isis Fans!

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So Live IV has been officially released on vinyl in in 12×2 format.  The record is being put out by Robotic Empire records which the same super cool family run record company that put out the Shades of the Swarm 12×12 box set, as well as a ton of other cool music so check ’em out.

If you don’t know, the track listing goes

“Gentle Time” @ WMBR in Boston, MA
“Glisten” @ The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA
“CFT” @ CBGB’s in New York, NY
“Celestial” @ CBGB’s in New York, NY
“Improv I (Endless Nameless)” @ The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA
“False Light” @ The Middle East in Cambridge, MA
“Weight” w/Justin Chancellor (Tool) & Troy Ziegler @ The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA

This is a limited run of 1030 (103 Black, 403 Chocolate and 524 Honey) so get one while you still can.  As of right now the black copies have already sold out.  There’s 190 of the chocolate and 406 of the honey left so hurry up and head over to the Robotic Empire Store and grab yours.

Also available is the new Isis toy produced by UniPro and UNKL.  It’s available at the Isis webstore so head on over.  I got mine a short while back (speedy shipping).  I like it a lot.  It has the mosquitio logo on each side of the rotating head and the packaging is pretty cool.

(photo courtesy of Aaron Turner’s blog Feral Pig)