the graveyard

somebody grab a 40 and pour it out on the grave of too many amazing bands that died before the world got the chance to see them shine.

this page is my dedication to the amazing bands that i have come across in my travels that never made it very far but still shined brighter than most bands that are heard by far more people than they deserve.

X-Cell Factor

so this one just sucks for you. X-Cell Factor has honestly produced some of the best muzik i have ever heard, muzik i know will never be topped. the first thing i encountered of these, a 6 song sampler that i quickly started to burn in mass quantities and distribute to everyone i knew, will always hold an amazingly special place in my heart, much like Tool’s Ænima does.

it’s hard for me to describe X-Cell because they are so great that i hate having to compare them to other bands – i think it should be the other way around and other band should have to be compared to X-Cell. with that said though, if you like Tool it’s almost guaranteed you’ll love X-Cell Factor. now, this is not to say they sound similar exactly, but that X-Cell creates muzik on an amazing level just like Tool does. their songs are much longer than anything you’d find on the radio. their later work had most songs clocking in around 6-8 minutes in length. their songs also defy traditional song structure much in the way that Tool and Isis songs do. a lot of people also like like to compare their drummer to Tim “Herb” Alexander from Primus.

i know what you’re thinking, did this guy really just compare some band i’ve never heard of to Tool, Isis, and Primus? there’s no fuckin way. well, there’s only one way to find out and that’s by listening to em yourself, and lucky for you – their gutairist hosts a bunch of their songs on his website still. (and if that ever fails, or you really like what you hear – my X-Cell collection of studio recordings, demos, and live tracks is much more extensive than what is posted on his site) go check it out here though (i suggest starting with Beneath, Insex, Walls, The Fall or Jrag) and while you’re there stop by this page which has his version of the story of X-Cell Factor.


i have no idea where to begin with these guys. Nuralisis was a San Jose, CA band that is one of my all time favorite bands. during the course of their career i got to know them quite well and did everything i could to help promote the band. i do insist tho, that i was a fan first, and that despite becoming close with the band, my love of their muzik comes from it’s genius rather than from trying to plug my friends.

Nuralisis was your standard guitar, bass, drums, and vocals set up. that is to say, an amazing guitarists, one fuckin funky bassists, a drummer who was way harder than you would expect for their muzik, and amazingly talented female vocalist who even though she didn’t stand very high, could tear you apart anyway. their sound started off very experimental and they left themselves lots of room to explore multiples avenues of sound, eventually settling on a heavier sound with a bit less of the funk influence.

as time progressed the band was playing more and more shows, as well as recording their first professional studio album. all of this culminated with amazing set played on the second stage of San Jose’s Channel 104.9’s Day in the Meadow summer festival show. the crowd set it off at this show and we handed out hundreds of Nuralisis stickers as well as put a ton of them onto people in the pit. however, after this show, and the finalizing of the mix for the album things started to fall apart which eventually lead to the band’s demise before they could even release their album.

currently their old myspace still hosts a few songs which you can give a listen to here. i wish they hosted a different songs on there because though the songs on there are amazing, there are other one’s that are far better introductions to the band. give ’em a listen tho and if you like them get in contact with me. just like X-Cell Factor, i have an extensive Nuralisis collection and i feel it’s important that as many people as possible hear this muzik. their drummer, Jamin, also recently started another band called Case In Theory. in my opinion they bear no resemblance to Nuralisis, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a listen here.

Sprung Monkey

another amazing amazing amazing band. i hesitate to say that they are one of my favorite bands because about half of their stuff i find to be fairly good, but not the best shit i’ve heard…but then their’s that other half that blows my mind and astounds me, even years later. songs like In Spite of it All, Tired, Mr. Funny Face, JoJo, Naked, Swirl, What’s that you Say, Watcha Gonna Do, Laughing and Beautiful take me away to places that i can’t find myself by any other means than Sprung Monkey’s music.

founded in 1995 and coming from San Diego, Sprung Monkey’s sound really has two sides – feeling good and having fun on the beach with your friends and being alone and emotionally distraught. through all of this though, they always seem to find some sense of hope (except on Naked). all of this is mixed in with some punk stylings and a drummer who is truly a percussionist more than he is a drummer.

while Sprung Monkey did achieve moderate success, touring the country, playing shows with the likes of Sublime and even landing their muzik in a few movies, the overwhelming majority of people i’ve met still somehow missed out on these guys before they split up.

despite breaking up, everyone in the band is still friendly and they occasionally come back together to play shows in the Southern California area. you can keep an eye for information on that here.

most of the band members have also started new projects. singer Steve Summers now fronts Kemistry. bassist Tony Stax and drummer/percussionist Ernie Longoria started The Accident Experiment with Marcos Curiel (of P.O.D. fame) though they are currently on hiatus. finally guitarist William Riley went on to play for Aizen.

so do something exciting with your day and go pick up a copy of Sprung Monkey’s Mr. Funny Face and pay special attention from track 6 on and a copy of Get a Taste would probably be a good idea (oh who am i kidding, fuck the record store – just go download the shit and listen to In Spite of it All)….what are you waiting for…go do it now, you’re day will improve drastically.


4 Responses to “the graveyard”

  1. If you like Sprung’s “Beautiful” – you should hear Kemistry’s version!!! At first, only Steve and their keyboard player, Britney Sandoval, are on stage, it’s almost acoustical, but then they build it up at the end when the rest of the band come back on stage and finish it…fantastic!!! The usually end their show with it.

    Other Sprung members iSteve’s brother, Mike, and Tony De Locht (bass) play with Kemistry, too and once in a while Ernie fills in…


  2. that sounds amazing. i’d love to hear that at some point. i don’t really know a lot about kemistry other than what i can find on their myspace. how active are they (i wonder since there’s been a bit of sprung activity lately) and do you know if they have any cd plans?

  3. Oh, yes, CD plans are going strong…right now Kemistry is working hard on their CD – the drums, guitars, and piano tracks are down, now the vocals and then the crucial mixing needs to be done – it is sounding first class! Sprung has played here and there recently because the fans still love them, too, but Kemistry is where Steve’s priority is now. They will be a lot more active once the CD is done.


  4. im really excited to hear that. ive had my hands on Remember to Live and July 4th for quite some time now. i remember be really excited when i first heard them, hoping that something new would surface, but it was taking so long i figured nothing was really happening. any guess on release time? or are things still to up in the air for any info on that?

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