the lost art of the mix cd

who hear remembers the mix tape? dubbing all your favorite tracks from other tapes or cds onto one perfect mix for that road trip you and your friends were taking to god knows where.

and who remembers when the mix tape finally fucking died and we all got to move onto the much easier to make mix cd? but whatever happened to the mix cd…? so many people have some sort of mp3 player now and despite the fact that cds haven’t gone the way of the audio tape yet (due to various economical reasons), no one really makes mix cds anymore and to be perfectly honest…it makes me sad. what is life without heading over to your friend’s house and saying, oh by the way, you gotta listen to this later. i put all these songs that you gotta hear on this cd.

so with that i say let’s breathe new life into the mix cd. send me an e-mail at sean[dot]a[dot]lowry[at]gmail[dot]com and i’ll give you my address so you can send me a mix of your favorite shit or whatever you’ve been really into lately and i’ll return the favor and we’ll see if any of us discover some amazing muzik we might not have found otherwise. i’ll even send along notes about every song but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.


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