this page will serve as a collection of links to muzik related videos

*Must See*

Andy McKee – Drifting – an amazing piece of muzik performed on the acoustic guitar. Andy is a master of using a percussive fingerstyle. if you’ve never heard of him, you have to watch this video – it will blow your mind
Andy McKee – Into the Ocean – the man rocks it on his beautiful sounding harp guitar
Nuno Bettencourt – Midnight Express – you never thought an acoustic guitar could sound like this
Justin King – Knock on Wood – the percussive guitarist master
Michael Hedges – All Along the Watchtower – Michael Hedges was one of the pioneers of the new progressive percussive fingerstyle movement in acoustic guitar, but here he pays tribute to some older musical roots while still adding his own unique flair.
Jake Shimabukuro – While My Guitar Gently Weeps – you never knew a ukulele could sound this fucking good. Made me totally reevaluate it as a serious instrument.
Jake Shimabukuro & Tommy Emmanuel – While My Guitar Gently Weeps – It’s one thing to be able to play really well, another thing to be able to reinterpret classic songs in a unique way, and another thing entirely to be able to do both with someone else in accompaniment. Tommy Emmanuel and Jake Shimabukuro at their finest.
Jake Shimabukuro – Let’s Dance – the man rocks his ukulele flamenco style – you’ve never seen shit like this before
T-Cophony – Closed – A relatively unknown Japanese guitarist with an amazing percussive style of acoustic playing [fun double neck guitar].

*super cool covers*

Return of Simple – Harder Better Faster Stronger – an amazing jazz trio (drums, piano, electric bass w/vocals) covering the Daft Punk song
Naturally 7 – Feel It (In the Air Tonight) – crazy acapella group busting into a Phil Collins song on an unsuspecting subway train in paris
Tool w/Biafra – Holiday in Cambodia – live in San Francisco [vocals only]
Crazy – Gnarls Barkley cover. Vocals are replaced with the theramin – don’t know what that is? go find out
Pennywise – Territorial Pissings – PW rocking the Nirvana cover

*really interesting*

Lasse Gjertsen – Stop Motion Drums & Piano – not much else to say
Lasse Gjertsen – Stop Motion Beatboxing – again, not much else to say
Nick Pitera – A Whole New World – seriously, watch this shit – you’ll see, and you won’t believe it, but it’s true…and when you’re done, watch his version of Part of Your World
Terry Bozzio – Time Lapse Drum Set Up – if you like Bozzio, check this out


NIN – The Great Destroyer – Stockholm Sweden [08.07.07]
Michael Graves – Dig Up Her Bones (Acoustic) – i love this version of this song


Foo Fighters – Stairway to Heaven – performed on The Late Show with Craig Kilborn. amazingly hilarious solo. don’t take this video too seriously
Mindless Self Indulgence – Bitches [Pokemon Video] – fan made music video. you will laugh you ass off and pikachu will never have had never made so much sense before
The Kitchen Diaries – amazing and hilarious beatboxing video


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